Shutter Island

Here is Leo with his wife in his dream. She died in a fire, but comes to him in his dreams and tells him to do stuff with this thick Boston accent. She wears the same yellow dress every time. The thing Leonardo wears all the time is a little bandage above his eyebrow. Maybe I looked away at one point to get a Junior Mint and missed how he banged his head, but I think I did not. I really wanted to know why he had such a bandage on, and how it stayed on through his journeys into WARD C where he was strangled and then into rat-infested water after scaling a wall of rock. He cried a lot and sweat a lot, and still the thing stuck on his head. It was a little distracting.

This movie is about a man named Teddy and his partner, Chuck who come to Shutter Island to investigate a patient who has escaped from her room and is on the loose. While they are there, the doctors are less than willing to share information with these two swarthy Federal Marshals, and Teddy becomes a little grumpy about it. On top of this, the weather is very bad and so they are not able to get on the ferry to go home. Teddy and Chuck are sleuthing in a cemetery when the storm hits and they are forced to take cover in a mausoleum which would have been creepy if the female crazy murderer was also hiding there. She wasn’t and instead Chuck and Teddy talk, Teddy revealing his suspicions that this place is performing secret Nazi-inspired evil lobotomies on the patients. He is convinced that all this goes down at THE LIGHTHOUSE, or in WARD C. Then the doors explode open and that was the only time I screamed. To add to the mysteriousness, Dr. Sheehan, who was in charge of the escaped women has “left on vacation,” and Teddy discovers a strange note in her room saying “who is 67?” hmmm. Things are very fishy. So Teddy takes advantage of the bad weather to sneak into WARD C with Chuck. It is everything I hoped an insane asylum for crazy criminals would be like. Totally freaky and dark and damp. He meets some patients in there, one who he nearly kills because he gets carried away with himself.  He talks with another patient but he gets distracted because his wife appears in the cell and tells him stuff at the same time. They get out OK and Teddy is now determined to go to THE LIGHTHOUSE, which is where the evil must be occurring, but they go the wrong way or something and end up looking at it in the far distance from a sheer rock cliff. then Chuck says he doesn’t want to go, and Teddy goes on his own but it is too hard, and he comes back and CHUCK IS GONE! Teddy sees his body on the rocks below. So, like you do, he climbs down to get a closer look but he cannot find the body. Rats come out from everywhere and it is gross and random. Then he sees a light in a cave and OH MY GOSH it is the escaped woman who is not crazy, but is a victim of the conspiracy to lobotomize people. She tells him his hallucinations and tremors are caused by the “aspirin” and “cigarettes” that the institution has been giving him. He is totally horrified and visibly more paranoid. Then she kicks him out of her cave, saying he will give away her hiding place. One of the last things she says to him is something like, “You have no friends.” It is pretty cold. I became suspicious earlier about where this movie was going, but this woman confirmed my suspicions, because I know she had nothing to eat in those caves. Rats, maybe, but no way. Then Teddy is picked up by this man and they drive in a jeep back to the institution. This jeep scene is my most favorite part of the movie because the security guard is the coolest man ever. He waxes eloquent about violence, and before Teddy gets out of the car, he goes, “If I bit your eye right now, how long do you think it would take you to go blind?” Totally freaky and amazing.

So then Teddy blows up a car and his wife comes and he tells her the tie she gave him was very ugly, and she does not laugh. He makes it to the lighthouse and a Doctor is waiting for him there, but there is no evil lobotomizing going down. The doctor tells him he is totally nuts. He is confused. Then Chuck comes in, but HE IS ACTUALLY DR. SHEEHAN! And Teddy is actually the 67th patient that he had been searching for! Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Actually, yes I did. He discovers that his wife was also crazy and drowned his three kids and he killed her and couldn’t take the pain so made up all this paranoid stuff. In his flashback, he wades into the water and drapes all three kids around his body and screams “NO.” Leonardo is always either crying or with a furrowed brow in this movie. There is lots of wetness, what with the weather and the emotion.

I guess one problem I had with this movie is why on earth the doctors would allow their “most violent” patient to take part in such an elaborate “role play” on the island. He blew up cars, he nearly killed a fellow patient, he beat one up really bad, he swam through icy water and punched a guard really hard. Why why why would you ever let an insane person run around like that?



  1. samantha

    “If I were to sink my teeth, right now, into your eye, would you be able to stop me before I blinded you?”
    On a daily basis I ask this question, but only of people I want to take me very seriously.

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