This movie is about Sigourney and her co-workers in space. It is very 2001: A space Odyssey at first before they wake up. But then the movie takes on it’s own identity. The dialogue is natural and it is not tacky, which is how I usually prefer my movies. It’s SO REAL. They call their ship Mother, which is appropriate. There is this one scene where this dude is about to die and he is in this part of the ship where water is raining down on him and he takes his hat off and lets it spatter on his pale, sickly face. I think what the director wanted us, the audience, to think at that moment was how distanced these people were from real nature. But still, I would never let water drip on my face if it was coming from the bowels of a giant ship because 1. It might not be water, and 2. an alien might attack you. But sometimes in movies people do stupid stuff to keep the plot rolling. He totally died.

The super creepy part was when the alien baby suctioned onto the man and then everybody thought he had recovered but no, the baby alien came out of his stomach and slithered away. I think it is one of the best beastly scenes ever. Sigourney kicks ass the whole time, and fights this dude who, by a genius twist in the film IS ACTUALLY A ROBOT sent on the mission to PROTECT THE ALIEN! Me and Kamala were pretty surprised when he started wigging out and milky stuff came out of him. Then when they spoke to his detached head. Our hearts were recovering at that point. This is one of those movies where I had to put my feet up a few times. Sigourney survives, as does the cat, but the ship is blown to bits and Sigourney almost loses it when she has almost no clothes on and the alien is IN her getaway ship. She sings this crazy song that goes “you are my lucky star” (Madonna?) and then suctions the alien out of the ship. Its a close call.



  1. Kamala

    When Sigourney takes off all her clothes her butt’s hanging out a little and her muff is a little puffy and she’s totally not wearing a bra and it’s so natural and hot.

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